Amazon Must-Haves | Holiday Gifts for the Book Nerds 2021

I’ve been seeing a lot of mimic posts trending on Tiktok and YouTube of “Amazon must-haves” and “Amazon hauls”, so I thought I would do one that will be a little different. Instead of showing the same old items that everyone is highlighting, I’m going to be focusing on Amazon finds specifically for the Bibliophile in your life.

For the Chef: The Ultimate Final Fantasy XIV Cookbook: The Essential Culinarian Guide to Hydaelyn

For the Tea Lover: Novel Teas

For the History Buff: The Bookseller of Florence

For the Fashionista: Book Themed Purse

For the Candle Lover: Paddywax Candles Library Collection Candle

For the Reading Addict: Tilisma Book Page Holder

For the Cataloger: Knock Knock Original Personal Library Kit

For the Goth: Matte Black Forest Fountain Pen

For the Bullet Journaler: Stalogy A6 Notebook

These are not affiliate links. I will receive no extra money from you following these links and purchasing these items, but if you would like to support this blog, please consider donating a dollar or two in the donation field on the right hand side.

Happy shopping,
The Literary Kat

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