Hi! I’m Kat, the author behind The Literary Kat. I’m really craving dark chocolate with almonds right now. How is this relevant? It’s not. I’m just trying to speak from my heart. I’ve got a Sagittarius moon and rising, which means I’ve got a knack for awkward silences and scaring people away. How many Doritos do you think I can fit in my mouth? Probably at least seven. You are correct. I once travelled to Scotland and met the Mad Hatter. No, like, the real Mad Hatter. He owns that one shop: Alice Through The Looking Glass, and he’s in London actually. We took a little side trip down there to catch a show before zipping back up to Edinburgh. The March Hare was there too, mumbling about how the book he was looking at was “useless without the translation” and trying to offer us sweets from a little paper bag. You think magic doesn’t exist in this world? When then you aren’t trying very hard to create it. Tell me, have you ever stared into the eyes of a dying man and seen your little reflection on his watery globes? That’s all we are, floating in space, trying to make sense of this hellscape that’s called living. But I’m having a blast, a rootin’ tootin’ good time. I like roaring at hilarity and the odd dance of meeting new people. I like forgiving and feeling lonely when I’m alone. I like the way red wine looks in crystal glasses, the way smooth jazz opens my third eye. I think I’ve met you before, in another world. I think I loved you then, but we were just never made to last in that life. But girl, you are my type, and we were made to dance through all the lifetimes of eternity together. So strap in and say a prayer. Nice to meet you again. Now let’s keep this party rolling.

Have I answered all your questions? Good. This isn’t supposed to make sense. And that’s all there is to know about me. I’m an artist, a writer, a photographer, a woman who is accepting her adulthood quite well actually, thank you very much. I used to think not fitting in was a curse, but now I see that it was just a way to create magic.