3 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Writing

No matter what level you are as a writer, there is always room for improvement. The internet is saturated with tips on how to advance your writing skills. Some of them are legit, some of them want to sell you something, and all of them are redundant. I'm not saying mine are anything that hasn't … Continue reading 3 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Writing

Weekly GRE Vocab: Abeyance

The word of the day is Abeyance: noun, a state of temporary disuse or suspension Synonyms: suspense, remission, reserve Example: "With her fear of memorizing vocabulary words in abeyance, she was able to pass the GRE." Try using this word in conversation or your writing this week! Happy Writing,Kat

My Favorite Fictional Places | The Tomb Of The Unknown King

Ok, this is a literary blog, but I think the genre of fiction can stretch across many different outlets. One of my favorite fictional series is Final Fantasy, which is a series of video games for Sony Playstation. The originality in plot, music, and visuals is always enough to inspire me when I'm feeling disconnected … Continue reading My Favorite Fictional Places | The Tomb Of The Unknown King

My Story

You don't know me. We're strangers. I'd like to take this opportunity to formally introduce myself. Please forgive me. I happen to be writing in the voice of one of my characters. Once you are in the mindset, it can be difficult to disentangle yourself. I didn't realize until I started writing this that I … Continue reading My Story