Finding Inspiration During Writer’s Block

What inspires you to write?

Sometimes we call it the muse, and when you feel it, the words fly. This can be stories by other authors, but more than likely, it’s something out there in the world that draws out your imagination and inspires you to write. I can make a list of things that inspire me to write. For me, much of my inspiration comes from my teen years. Those are the most formative years of our lives, and for me, my teen years were filled with exploration into many different lifestyles and areas of interest. Video games, music, music from video games, belly dance, musicals, literature, different world cultures. My inspirations were vast and varied.

If you’re feeling a little lost or feel like your muse has left you, fear not! There are ways to find your inspiration again.

One of my favorite things to do to rekindle my inspiration is to make Pinterest boards. You can create boards for characters, storylines, and even aesthetics. What feel do you want your story to have? Pin pictures, poetry, and articles that embody that feeling. Are you writing a Victorian mystery? You can create a board filled with fog filled London streets, fashion pictures filled with lace and silk, and even lyrics from songs that will inspire you.

When you find your inspiration fading, you can scroll through your Pinterest boards to get back into the right mindset to finish your manuscript.

Another of my favorites is to listen to music. 8tracks is a really cool site that allows you to create or listen to playlists pertaining to any mood, topic, or aesthetic you can think of. It’s like Pandora, but instead of randomized selections, each playlist has been curated by a real human just like you and me, so when you listen, you are getting their unique sequence of songs exactly how they wanted them to appear.

There are tons of writing playlists. In fact, I feel like the writing community has sort of overtaken 8tracks. You can find playlists for fantasy writing, horror writing (my favorite), and even badass female spies!

Here are a few of my favorite playlists for writing:

Meditate. I know it sounds…boring? But meditation is a great way to clear your mind so you can untangle all those plot problems and character mysteries. Protip: By combining inspiring music from 8tracks with a quick meditation session before you start writing, you will be surprised at how much you create.

Thanks for reading, guys! Do you have any other tips for rekindling your inspiration? Also, I want this blog to be a resource for writers throughout the world. And so I ask you, what are some trouble areas for yourself and your writing? What are you curious about? What is stopping you from moving forward with your dreams of writing? What posts should I work on creating for you guys? I can think of endless topics to talk about, but I want to make sure they’re beneficial to you, so any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Talk to you all later,


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