My Story

You don’t know me. We’re strangers. I’d like to take this opportunity to formally introduce myself. Please forgive me. I happen to be writing in the voice of one of my characters. Once you are in the mindset, it can be difficult to disentangle yourself. I didn’t realize until I started writing this that I was still in their voice, but I’d like to continue on in this way for my own amusement. Perhaps someday I will introduce you to the character whose voice I am currently using. Until that day comes, I hope you will be satisfied with an informative post about myself.

My name is Kat. I’ve been a writer since I was a child. In high school I was a member of the creative writing club and participated in as many English and writing classes as were available to me. It is one of the only mediums that can fully allow me to express myself. It’s a strange thing having worlds live inside your head; so many characters clawing to escape. The only choice a creative mind has is to create. Create or descend into madness.

In college I attempted to turn my back on my passion for writing, thinking that it was a career for “others” and never myself. Depression also had quite a bit to do with that; the loathsome void that swallowed far too many years of my life. It’s a difficult circumstance; depression. It causes the afflicted undo anxiety, stress, and sadness. A hopelessness that seems to never end.

But with depression came creativity. There came imagination. Some of my most truthful writing was born of my depression, and when I became medicated, I lost the ability to connect with all those worlds inside of me. It’s like they were all muted at once, and the silence was deafening. I didn’t know what to do, but I knew it felt wrong. Feels wrong. I may not be depressed or anxious now, but I also feel as though I’ve lost a piece of myself along the way. It is said that a gift can sometimes be a curse, but what if my curse was my gift? It takes so much energy now to conjure up those fictitious worlds when before I couldn’t silence them.

It takes great effort to write now, and yet I still see no choice but to write. The stories still live inside me. I want to give them life. I want to give them form.

I had the privilege of seeing Neil Gaiman give a speech in my city a few years back, and he truly inspired me. After which I felt that I too could be an author. I will write about that someday. For now it is enough to say that he rekindled my desire to become an author.

I am currently working on a collection of short fantasy stories, as well as a continuation of my short story Parasite, which can be purchased through amazon. I have linked Parasite in the main menu of this blog.

My specialties include high fantasy, psychological horror, and poetry.

That is all I will say for tonight. Please let me know if you have any questions about me or my writing. I will be happy to answer any I can.

And now I am off to try and rid myself of this aristocratic (and arrogant, dare I say) voice. Allis has always been one for the dramatic. But that is a story for another post.

Talk later,

2 thoughts on “My Story

  1. I swear all of us writers are depressed haha I never kicked my depression but now that I accept its a part of me, im managing. Never been on meds either 🙂
    Meeting Neil Gaimen is frickin cool. Im glad you decided to pursue your writing!! I feel like parents never want their kids to pursue it cause its a hard and ling path that may not pay off financially :/

    And its nice to meet you, Kat! Welcome 🙂


    1. I’m so sorry! It seems I missed the notification about your comment. Thank you so much for taking the time to read a little about me. Cheers to being poor artists! Creative souls give so much to our society, and I am blessed to be one of them. ❤

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